Sheerbliss Persian and Exotics

Hello My name is Heather Craig.

It is with thanks to Ruth Malcomson of Risetta Persians & Exotics for getting me involved in the breeding programme back in 2002, without Ruth’s help and guidance and most importantly her friendship none of this would be possible.

At present we are breeding – Torties, bi-colours, tabbies and solids giving variety as well as quality.

In both the persians and exotics we offer excellent pedigree lines along with lovely temperaments.

We are proud to have two International

Grand Champions and a Grand Champion in our breeding program.

Sheerbliss kittens are also doing very well on the show bench.


Cattery advertising

As we have constant inquiries for pedigree’s. We allow a certain number of Catteries advertise. But the following applies.

All catteries must be registered with G.C.C.F.I and or Tica
We only allow ethical hobby breeders advertise. This is people who are in it for the love of the breed. When breeding is done right there is very little money to be made.
All kittens must be of the appropriate age going to new homes. This is fourteen weeks. All kittens must be vaccinated etc.
Cats Friends Rescue have the right to refuse anyone advertisement space. We do not have to give a reason. But in most cases we will.
Also if you find your furry friend through these advertisements, Cats Friends Rescue holds no responsibility. You must deal directly with the breeder with any issues you might have.
Thank you

It is the policy of Cats Friends Rescue that once you are home approved for the Cat or kitten you wish to adopt, the adoption fee must then be paid. We will not hang on to cats or kittens unless the fee has been paid. The reason for this is we have reserved cats for people for a couple of weeks and then they have changed their mind which has meant our lovely Cats have missed out on other homes.

The adoption fees range from €65 to €85.

Please Note Adoption fees are non-refundable, as they go immediately towards vet bills, food bills, and neutering for needy cats and kittens who’s lives we are trying to save.

Main Coons

Maine Coons are the gentle giants of the cat world. They are one of the largest breeds of domestic cats with males reaching up to 10kg. They are sweet cats who just adore their humans. They can be trained to walk on a lad, come when called and give high fives. They are very easy going, mixing well with dogs, cats and kids. They do like to sleep on you, on the table, on the kitchen counter and other placed they are not supposed to sleep.

They love water and will empty water bowls everywhere so water fountains are a must for a home with a Coon!. They are very playful and like to play with something they can run away with.

They can be a bit chatty, not as much as a Siamese but you can talk to them and they will answer.
They chirp a lot, its a very cute sound. The boys can be quite goofy, the girls a little bit more reserved but just as affectionate.

They have a long coat which is relatively easy to keep. They need a brush every now and again and some will require the odd bath but due to their sweet nature they are very good being bathed.

The Bristish shorthair

British shorthairs are a bomb proof cat.  They are very easy going and are quite happy living an indoor life. They are very gentle and make great family pets as they are good around children and other pets. They will tolerate a lot and will rarely hiss or scratch. They are not very vocal but will meow if they want something. They don’t need a lot of attention but do enjoy playtime especially something like the Da Bird. In general they dont like to be carried around and like to have all 4 paws on the ground but they will curl up beside their humans.

They are large and chunky with a round head and big round expressive eyes. Their coat is thick and dense. They dont need a lot of grooming but a good brush every once in a while will be good for them especially around moulting time.
They are very intelligent and curious. All in all they make wonderful pets be it a quiet house or a busy house.


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