CFR Photo Competition

Photo Competition

Calling all furry friends. Exciting new Photo Competition in aid of Cat’s Friends Rescue. Enter your pet to be in with a chance of winning exclusive prizes. 18 categories to choose from winners for 1-6th place. Open to all pets worldwide. Entries cost just €1.50 each and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the rescue. Paypal entries to and email entries to Please send as a gift/family and friend payment so the rescue does not lose money to paypal fees Photos will be judged by a panel of judges. Judges decisions are final.
1. Best Cat
2. Best Dog
3. Best of the Rest
4 Best Male
5 Best Female.
6. Best Babies
7. Best black and White
8. Best Naptime
9. Best Friends
10. Mega Messing
11. Best Selfie
12. Golden Oldies
13. Best Action
16. Best Outdoors
14. Meme Magic
15. Collages

Garcia (female)


My name is Garcia. I was found with my litter by a very kind man who made sure I was safe where we were and contacted the rescue for help. I am now safe and warm with my lovely foster family. I am a gentle girl and love to cuddle and be part of the family. I will be ready to go in a few weeks when my kittens are weaned and homed.

Home Visit will apply prior to adoption and an adoption fee. If you are interested in adopting us please fill in our Adoption Questionnaire and email to


Elvin (Male) & Sebille (Female)

Hi Everyone.

We are the first litter born in the rescue this year and we are just the cutest ever. Our Brother Ed Sheerin and sister Rhainion have been adopted already but me Elvin and My sister Sebille are still on the look out for our furrever home. We are real little cuddle monsters and are really looking forward to meeting our new family.

Home Visit will apply prior to adoption and an adoption fee. If you are interested in adopting us please fill in our Adoption Questionnaire and email to


Milo Molly Mabel and Murphy


We came to the rescue a couple of weeks ago. We are a really loving bunch of kittens and will follow you all over the place. We love to be cuddled and fussed on. We will be ready to go in a couple of weeks. We are hoping to go in pairs as we are very close to each other. But we might be ok with other residents cats in the house as well. Milo and Murphy are male and Mabel and Molly are female. Molly is longhaired and will need grooming on a daily basis.

Home Visit will apply prior to adoption and an adoption fee. If you are interested in adopting us please fill in our Adoption Questionnaire and email to


Domino (female)


My name is Domino and I am 2 years old. I am looking for my forever home. I am a friendly girl. I had a rough start and have some scarring on my eyes but that does not stop me doing anything I need to do. I will make a wonderful pet and have gotten better now thanks to cats Friends Rescue and their supporters.

Home Visit will apply prior to adoption and an adoption fee. If you are interested in adopting us please fill in our Adoption Questionnaire and email to

CFR Adopt Questionnaire 2015

Cloudia (Female)

My name is Cloudia. Recently joined the rescue with my 3 kittens who have all be homed now. I am looking for my forever home. I am long haired so will need grooming everyday. I am a cuddle monster and will follow you around the house for a chat and cuddle when you are home. I will not be ready to go for about a month. I will be neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated when I go to my new home. I am very relaxed cat and do not mind other cats and dogs but would do will in an adult home.
Home Visit will apply prior to adoption and an adoption fee. If you are interested in adopting us please fill in our Adoption Questionnaire and email to

CFR Adopt Questionnaire 2015


Hi All

My name is Stratus. I came to the rescue with my litter mates. I will be looking for my new home in about 3 weeks. I am friendly playful little one and will make a great pet to any home.

Home Visit will apply prior to adoption and an adoption fee. If you are interested in adopting us please fill in our Adoption Questionnaire and email to

Freyja (female)

Hi Everyone

I am fun loving female older kitten who loves to play. I like other cats too. I am I am 7 months old. I am ready for my new home. I can not wait to meet my new family. I love my foster home and like to hang out with my foster brothers and sisters. I love my grub too.

Home Visit will apply prior to adoption and an adoption fee. If you are interested in adopting us please fill in our Adoption Questionnaire and email to

See ya


Hello Everyone,

My name is Duchess and I am one year old friendly girl. I am looking for my forever home. I would love to come live with you. I am affectionate and like humans a lot. I will make a great addition to any family.

Home Visit will apply prior to adoption and an adoption fee. If you are interested in adopting me please fill in our Adoption Questionnaire on the home page and email to


Please fill out the adoption questionnaire and email it back to us at

If we think you are a suitable home we will than contact you and arrange a home visit with a volunteer. All our volunteers use private numbers to contact potential adopters so please answer.

If you are approved you will be told be email the day after the home visit.

You than must pay your adoption fee before you pick up the kitten or cat.

Thank you for considering one of our rescue cats.



Hi All!!!My name is Lucky. A year ago I was wondering around with very little food, really sick and underweight. I noticed this big ginger cat and he was really happy looking. So me being the clever Cat I was I decided to follow him home. Well epic decision on my part as the ginger cat whose name is Milo belonged to a volunteer for Cats Friends Rescue called Lisa. She gave me some food and another mad girl gave me a tablet for worms and we went to the vets.The vet gave me an operation and I didn’t want wander off anymore. But he also did some tests and it turned out I was sick with something called FELV and FIV. So I became a long term foster for Cats Friends Rescue.I am soooo Lucky!!! I get chicken every night. I get yummy food and have so much to play with. I am totally indoors now as the vet said it’s too keep me and other cats safe as I like to scrap sometimes. It’s a boy thing. I have put on so much weight now and it’s still going on. But the Vet says is fine because I am not well and do not have the same long life that other cats can have. So he says once I am happy for what time I have that’s what matters. I love food sooooooooooo much. I am really spoilt by my lovely foster mom. I have such a great family.The thing is though I have to take a lot of medication as my teeth hurt sometimes and I can’t breathe very well. So the girls said I should tell my story. Maybe some people would like to help me out with my care as I will be here in the rescue as long as I am able to live happily. It won’t be very long but I am so thrilled to have followed Milo home. I got the best foster home ever. I love outdoor royal Canin food and Chicken. I love to play with ribbons. If you would like to help me you can donate to through paypal. Or you can donate directly to Cats Friend Rescue. You can buy my food or litter. Cats stuff is always good.  Thanks again.  Click on this Button to donate directly to Lucky.


Hello all,

My name is Harry. I am an older gentleman looking for my forever home. But do not let my age fool you as I am a big kitten at heart. I love to play and run and do all the kitten like stuff. I get on well with other cats too. I also like my creature comforts. I would make a great companion cat to someone. I love to sit with you and have my pets while you watch your programme’s on TV. I had a rough life to begin with as I was abandoned and strayed for a while. So I got in to a few fights and have some war wounds. But all that is behind me. now I happened to meet this nice lady who brought me to the vets got some stuff done to me..not sure what exactly!!!!. But I no longer want to stray or fight and I have turned into a big softie. All I want to do is chill out in my foster home in my nice warm bed.

P.S I love ham and chicken.

Home Visit will apply prior to adoption and an adoption fee. If you are interested in adopting us please fill in our Adoption Questionnaire and email to

Adoption Questionnaire

Please note that are Cats are homed in the best home suited to their needs. We do not work on a first come first served basis. If you wish to adopt please fill out the questionnaire provided and send it back to us. If you are suitable to adopt we will than arrange a home visit with a volunteer. If you are home approved you will be notified the day after the home visit.

Please fill in our CFR-Adopt-Questionnaire-2015 and email to

What should I do if I come across a stray cat??

We would like to offer some advice regarding stray cats.

If you do come across a stray cat. Think twice before you think it needs to be removed or rescued. There is no point in taking away a feral or semi feral or friendly stray cat from a location and contacting a rescue to help afterwards. Mind you it would be no easy task removing a feral cat.

Check first the cat is ear tipped. Also check is the cat healthy looking and not skin and bone. Feral cats can be underweight. Is the cat visibly stressed or disorientated? If not than maybe return the next day to see if the cat is still around. Leave some food for the cat in a discreet location as not to upset people in the neighbourhood. Call rescues based in the location and ask them are they managing a colony in the area with a description of the cat. Take a photo of the cat and post on facebook pages related to cats. Asking about the cat. This is helpful to do first before you decide to remove the cat.

Contact a rescue for advice before you do anything like removing a cat. There is no where for these cats to go. And if they are being managed in a colony or have a caretaker you are going to make things much worse for these cats. Taking these steps first is much more helpful to the Cat.

Having said that if the cat is injured and needs help and you want to help them the first port of call is to bring the cat to a vet. If you come a across a small kitten also that is different. But check for mammy around too. She may just have gone off for food. But do always think first before jumping in. We know people are coming from a very good place in wanting to help cats. But removing a cat or kitten and hoping when you get home that a rescue will take it is a huge risk to take as rescues are full and the cats life just became a whole lot more stressful being relocated. Its not rescuing a cat if you take it away with the idea a rescue will take it. If a rescue can not take them what than? Just some food for thought. Feral cats have no where to go so lets try and manage them where they are. Do what we can for them where they are. Do not take a cat home unless you are willing to foster it. eric

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help as many Cats and Kittens as possible on a daily basis. We hope to grow as time goes on and in the future to have a sanctuary where we can house more Cats. We aim to Trap neuter and return as many feral cats as we can. But on a ongoing basis we strive to support Cats and Kittens both domestic and feral in getting the life they so deserve. We believe the life of all cats are equally important Mixed breed (Moggie), Feral and Pedigree. There is no difference to us. We will make the same efforts for all cats that need us.
Company Overview
Cats Friends Rescue is a non profit volunteer based rescue. Our Volunteers are dedicated animal lovers with great experience in the care of Cats and kittens. We are also supported by many Vets and Vet practices in the Dublin area. We consult qualified vets regularly for guidance. Our volunteers work in the spare time to keep the work going. We are a foster-home based rescue and all are cats and kittens live with kind and loving families until they find their forever home.


Cat Friends is a non profit group devoted to the welfare of Cats both Domestic and Feral in supporting them in living the life they so deserve. There is no difference for us. We Believe “Every Moggie Matters” and this has become our motto.


General information

We are always looking for volunteers in the following areas:


Please contact at if you wish to come join us.

Advertising on our site

We offer a certain amount of advertising on our site to pet shops, Catteries or any other cat related business. Please contact for more info.

It is the policy of Cats Friends Rescue that once you are home approved for the Cat or kitten you wish to adopt, the adoption fee must then be paid. We will not hang on to cats or kittens unless the fee has been paid. The reason for this is we have reserved cats for people for a couple of weeks and then they have changed their mind which has meant our lovely Cats have missed out on other homes.

The adoption fees range from €70 to €90.

Please Note Adoption fees are non-refundable, as they go immediately towards vet bills, food bills, and neutering for needy cats and kittens who’s lives we are trying to save.

Microchip your cat today!!

We really want to encourage people to microchip their cats. If your cat goes missing and you don’t find them and she ends up in a rescue she will be returned to you if you have micro chipped her.

Or if someone finds your cat and starts looking after them and brings it to the vet your cat can be returned to you. As the vet will scan the cat. Your details will be on the chip.

If you don’t microchip and your cat ends up with us and is rehomed. There is not comeback. You have no proof it’s your cat. So many cats are the same colour, age etc. The best proof is microchip and registered with your vet. You must register as well as microchip. We get so many cats micro chipped and not registered. What’s the point? Paying for the chipping but don’t log on to register it with Fido. Be smart about your cat. If you dont know how to register ask for help. Your vet will tell you or we are happy to guide you.

If your cat is rehomed by a rescue and you don’t bother to microchip, there is no way to get them back. In rare cases yes but most of the time no!!

So if you LOVE your Cat and want them to get back to you no matter what or how long, microchip her or him today. Micro chipping is loving your cat and being responsible. It is down to basically do you love your cat enough to want them back if they go missing. It is as important as neutering or spaying your cat if they go outdoors.

Fostering for Cats Friends Rescue

“I can’t foster I would get too attached and it would be too hard to let them go.”

The above statement is something we hear a lot. This is something that I understand and have experienced too. It is not easy to form a bond and let go. I know there are many amazing potential fosters out there who would love to take on a cat, but hold back due to this worry. We are desperate for fostering so I ask you to consider the following when you decide fostering is too hard.

Please note the kittens in this photo have all found homes.

Sponsor a Cat

Amount What your money can buy Donate
10 euro Monthly worm and flea treatment
16 euro Food for 1 month

25 euro Vaccination for 1 kitten
40 euro Month of food + vaccination
65 euro Neutering


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