Fosters Urgently Needed

We urgently need Fosters in the South Dublin Area for cats or kittens. Contact

Missing Cat – Mopsy

Missing since: 6th April 2014

Cat’s Name: Mopsy

Age: 10 months

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Sex: Male (Neutered)

Description: White with Black tail and spots

Microchip: ID No: 958000010007115

Owner’s Name: Dana Lung

Address: 55 Castlecurragh Park, Castlecurragh, Dublin 15.

Phone: 0861653833


My name is Cloud. I’m now 7 months old and I’m a very curious cat. I’m always the first one to investigate anything new. I’m very playful. I get on great with the other cats in my house. But I’m still very skittish. I generally don’t like being touched and I’ll run if my foster mom tries to pet me, but if she does actually manage to catch me, I quite enjoy it! I’ve even been know to purr :) If you would like a friend for your current cat, and don’t mind giving me some time to come around, please send an adoption form to ADULT ONLY HOME


Hi I’m Kiki. My foster mom says I am coming on leaps and bounds. I love being petted when I am lying down. I have started coming onto my foster mom and dads laps when their cat is nearby. I even sleep on the bed with them!! I let my foster mom pick me up (although I don’t like it, I will tolerate it). I am very sociable and my favourite toy is my feather wand. I am a very gentle kitten, and don’t get into any scrapes although I do like to strop the wallpaper :) Now that the weather is colder I love to lie in front of the fire and watch the flames. I am mesmerised by them. If you would like to adopt me please send an adoption form to ADULT ONLY HOME

Lucky (Indoor Home Needed)

Lucky is one of Cats Friends Special Needs Cats. He needs to be in a home where he will live indoors. He also may have vet bills throughout his life, and his life spam would not be as longs as that of a normal Cat. We do understand this is a lot to take on but lucky will reward you Ten Fold. He is very special and deserves a home like any other cat. We hope that someone out there has room for this special guy. I require a full indoor home with safe excess to outdoor like an enclosed garden or Cat Run.

I’m Lucky. I was named because I was fortunate enough to follow a fellow cat home to a ladies house, and (Lucky for me) she turned out to be a Cats Friends Rescue volunteer! I’m a friendly fellow, so I’m a stray but not feral. I’ve been treated for worms and fleas and I’ve been to the vet. I’m also neutered and ready for homing now that I’ve put some weight on :) If you are interested in adopting me please let Cats Friends Rescue know… :)

Supreme Cat Show 2014

The 2014 Supreme Show will be held on Sunday the 4th May 2014 in Ballinteer Community School, Dublin 16

Competition Time

Calling all animal friends !!!

Exciting new Photo Competition in aid of Cats Friends Rescue. Enter your pet to be in with a chance of winning over 50 exclusive prizes. 8 categories to choose from. Open to all pets worldwide. Enter 10 or more photos and your pet will have a chance to be awarded Best/Reserve Best in Show.

Entries cost just €1.50 each and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Rescue

Paypal entries to and email entries to

Please send as a gift/family and friend payment so the rescue does not lose money to paypal fees. All payments in Euros please. Convert it in paypal. Winners must pay postage. As we have some good prizes.

Photos will be judged by a panel of 9 different judges. Judges decisions are final.

Competition ends on the 2nd of May.
Catagories are as follows:

Best Rescue
Best Pedigree
Best Friends
Best Black and white Photo
Best Cutie (Young pets under 6 months.)
Best Pet Selfie / Head Shot
Best Male
Best Female

There will also be lots of special rosettes to be won.
Follow this link for Competition page and all the entries.

Get those entries in >^.^<

Cat Clock

We are raffling this cutie. So tickets are 2 euro each. If you win you must pay postage or it can be picked up in Dublin area.
All payments must be by postal order, paypal or directly to our bank account. If you wish to pay cash it can be paid directly to chosen vets.

paypal address is

or bank details here:

This is the link to payment methods :

pledge your tickets and amount in a comment. The raffle is for two weeks or until we raise at least 50 euro. xx

Microchip your cat today!!

We really want to encourage people to microchip their cats. If your cat goes missing and you don’t find them and she ends up in a rescue she will be returned to you if you have micro chipped her.

Or if someone finds your cat and starts looking after them and brings it to the vet your cat can be returned to you. As the vet will scan the cat. Your details will be on the chip.

If you don’t microchip and your cat ends up with us and is rehomed. There is not comeback. You have no proof it’s your cat. So many cats are the same colour, age etc. The best proof is microchip and registered with your vet. You must register as well as microchip. We get so many cats micro chipped and not registered. What’s the point? Paying for the chipping but don’t log on to register it with Fido. Be smart about your cat. If you dont know how to register ask for help. Your vet will tell you or we are happy to guide you.

If your cat is rehomed by a rescue and you don’t bother to microchip, there is no way to get them back. In rare cases yes but most of the time no!!

So if you LOVE your Cat and want them to get back to you no matter what or how long, microchip her or him today. Micro chipping is loving your cat and being responsible. It is down to basically do you love your cat enough to want them back if they go missing. It is as important as neutering or spaying your cat if they go outdoors.

Squeakers (Outreach)

Squeakers is looking for a new home. She is three years old, is fairly independent and not really the cuddle up on your lap type of cat but she loves to sleep on the bed with me. She will only eat dried food and would have to be an indoor cat as she’s never been outside or around other cats and was hand reared. She’s very playful and very sweet, is microchipped, spayed and fully up to date vaccinated. Call Sharon on 087 179 6786 if you can offer Squeakers a home.

Cat Sitting Service

“Serving your feline friend in the comfort of their own home”

We will arrange a suitable plan to care for your furry friend while you are away.

We are also happy to help out with any other pets.

Your cat can arrange to interview us anytime to see if we are up to their standard. We understand cats are fussy. We are happy for them to give us the once over.

Don’t worry your Cat is about to be spoilt by the experts. >^.^<

Rates depends on number or cats, time spent and location.

Please contact us at or 086 4132402

A Percentage of all fees will be donated to Cats Friends Rescue

Donny & Cleo (Outreach Cats)

Unfortunately due to circumstances outside my control I have to rehome my furry kids. I’m devastated but I will be making sure they get the best home there is. Please share this post for me and get in touch if you need any details.

Donny & Cleo are looking for a forever home, preferably together as they are very close.

Donny is around two years old. He had an injury to his tail so had to have it amputated. However it doesnt affect him much; he jumps and plays as normal. He has gingivitis hyperplasia which would need to be monitored. Very friendly, playful and affectionate. He has been neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. He is litter trained and wormed.

Cleo is around 18 months old. She also had an injury to her tail so had it amputated. Like Donny, this doesn’t affect her, she jumps, climbs and plays as normal. She is spayed and fully vaccinated, microchipped and litter trained.

A homecheck will apply so if you are interested in these little dotes, please pm me for more details. Please phone 0860352192

Re foster and rehoming

Just to let people know due to lack of funding we are limiting our fostering to only a few homes for now. All fosters are full so we will not be offering any fostering in the near future. We will still be helping with TNR etc. If you need help with rehoming your cats please send a cat profile to and we will put it up on the website. As we are a small rescue we cannot support large numbers of cats anymore with out funding. so we need to downsize for the moment. We are just not getting the help we need to sustain the work we do sadly. Thank you for all your help.

Adoption Questionnaire

Please note that are Cats are homed in the best home suited to their needs. We do not work on a first come first served basis. If you wish to adopt please fill out the questionnaire provided and send it back to us. If you are suitable to adopt we will than arrange a home visit with a volunteer. If you are home approved you will be notified the day after the home visit.

Please fill in our Adoption Questionnaire and email to

Advertising on our site

We offer a certain amount of advertising on our site to pet shops, Catteries or any other cat related business. Please contact for more info.

We need Heroes!!!

“I can’t foster I would get too attached and it would be too hard to let them go.”

The above statement is something we hear a lot. This is something that I understand and have experienced too. It is not easy to form a bond and let go. I know there are many amazing potential fosters out there who would love to take on a cat, but hold back due to this worry. We are desperate for fostering so I ask you to consider the following when you decide fostering is too hard.

Please note the kittens in this photo have all found homes.

It is the policy of Cats Friends Rescue that once you are home approved for the Cat or kitten you wish to adopt, the adoption fee must then be paid. We will not hang on to cats or kittens unless the fee has been paid. The reason for this is we have reserved cats for people for a couple of weeks and then they have changed their mind which has meant our lovely Cats have missed out on other homes.

The adoption fees range from €65 to €85.

Please Note Adoption fees are non-refundable, as they go immediately towards vet bills, food bills, and neutering for needy cats and kittens who’s lives we are trying to save.

Want photos of your new adopted pets? Well these are the people to call :) .
They specialise in natural, unposed photographs in a completely stress free environment; Familiar surroundings where your pet is relaxed and can be themselves; where they get the special attention that they deserve. This can be your own home, garden or favourite park.

If you buy vouchers some of the proceeds go to the rescue just mention Cats Friends Rescue.

Request for our Feral Friends.

Request for our Feral Friends.
Here is an Idea!! What if we all donate one sachet or buy one extra tin of cat food when buying for our own cats. Or donate one sandwich bag full of the dry food you buy. You could donate this to the rescue. The winter is coming we have a lot of ferals to look after. We know people have not got a lot but this would be a huge help. If a number of people did it we would then have quite a bit. I will being doing it. Who is with me.

Sponsor a Cat

Amount What your money can buy Donate
10 euro Monthly worm and flea treatment
16 euro Food for 1 month

25 euro Vaccination for 1 kitten
40 euro Month of food + vaccination
65 euro Neutering


SPECIAL NEEDS CUTIE LOOKING FOR A HOME! Donny is a 1 year old cutie looking for a loving forever home. He had an injury to his tail so had to have it amputated. He also has a gum problem which would need to be monitored . He is very playful, litter trained, wormed, vaccinated and neutered. Please pm me or ph 0871384560 if interested in offering him a home. HOMECHECK WILL APPLY BEFORE ADOPTING OUT


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